Muse Mottos for Loving Life After Trauma

This or something better…

This is an excellent reminder when you want something really badly and can feel your energy pulling toward it. I tell myself, it’s either this great thing, or some other better thing, and that helps me to relax and let things come and go.

What’s meant for you will not pass you by. And if things are feeling shitty right now (hello, world), it’s a great reminder that things can and will get better.

Touch something and do something with it.

This mostly applies to cleaning and organizing, but can be used for any task where you feel overwhelmed. It’s literal; touch something, and do something with it. Whether you’re facing a huge list of to-dos, an overstuffed closet, or a giant mound of laundry, take it one item at a time. Delegate or follow through, put it where it belongs, or use it to clean something dirty. You know what to do, and you only have to do it in small bits. Just take action.

Rest, and take breaks as necessary, but keep going until the work is done. You got this.

It takes effort, but it only takes a little more effort.

Everything we want or have to do is on the other side of that little hump of resistance. Regardless of what we’ve been through, or are currently still going through, some days it’s hard to drag ourselves out of bed or complete even the most menial tasks. When I have those moments where I don’t think I have it in me, I remind myself that it takes effort, but it only takes a little more effort. I can take a deep breath and sit up. I can quiet my mind and put my feet on the floor. I can stand up and take that first step. Then another one.

Break it down. Touch something and do something with it. Start small, and take one step at a time. You may have to push yourself at times, but only bit by bit. And if you can’t drag yourself out of bed, that’s okay, too. Sometimes we need a day to rest, after which we’re more apt to hit the ground running with renewed energy. Let yourself naturally cycle through ebbs and flows. Contrary to popular programming, you’re not a machine and shouldn’t be expected to function as one.

Yoga every day, if not it’s okay.

Every time I skip a day I’m reminded just how true this is. Yoga is so important when it comes to taking care of my body and mind and feeling calm and energetically stable. Yoga is the only thing that removes any absorbed morning anxiety for me. I know I can rely on this practice to ground me and make sure I get out ahead of any ickiness that could gain momentum in the wrong direction. Plus, it just feels good.

Perhaps you already practice yoga, or would like to start. (And if you’re looking for a sign in order to do so, here it is.) Or perhaps you have a different way of harnessing and focusing your energy at the beginning, middle, and/or end of your day. It could be taking a walk in nature, or going for a run, or deep breathing, or Qigong, or singing and dancing, whatever it is, I just want you to find that for you. And if you’re not sure what that is, start with a little yoga.

These are some of my favorite yoga teachers who have tons of free practice videos on YouTube:

Ten Great Free Yoga Practices on YouTube

Ten Yoga Videos on Amazon Prime for Ten Potential Moods on You

Do it when you think of it. Or write it down when you think of it.

How many times do we tell ourselves, oh, I’ll remember that, only to one-hundred-percent, absolutely forget about what we were so sure we’d remember? I’ve become accustomed to writing everything down on a note in my phone or on a post-it because it not only ensures I remember something, but also frees up mental space that would otherwise be spent worrying about remembering or doing the thing. Once you write it down, do it, or schedule when you’ll do it, and then, of course, listen to the famous sports slogan and just do it.

Plus, remember the Two-Minute Rule. If a task takes less than two minutes to do, go ahead and do it now. This builds momentum towards getting things done with each small action you take, and leads to more and more accomplishment, yielding a sense of satisfaction, and creating better follow-through in the process.

Campbell Walker of Struthless has a great video about overcoming complacency and getting stuff done on YouTube.

Done is better than perfect.

Perfectionism sucks, man. It’s held me back in a lot of ways over the years and I’ve long battled a “reality” in which I’m wholly mediocre and therefore shouldn’t bother trying at anything. Let’s be kinder to ourselves. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves that any contribution or accomplishment in the direction of our dreams is a thousand times better than never completing a task because it isn’t “good enough.” The key is in the doing of it, not in the perfection of doing it. If we wait around for perfection, we may never move forward.

Give yourself permission to do the best you can, allow yourself to grow, and remember, your value is inherent and independent of anything you do or accomplish in this world.

Campbell Walker of Struthless (a true kindred spirit, indeed) introduced me to the 70% Rule, and while I’m still leaning into the application of it, his insights are über-inspiring.

Whether it works because it works, or it works because I believe it works, I don’t care. It works. 

This applies pretty much to all my plant-based remedies and tinctures, the practice of yoga, self-hypnosis meditation, and anything else that makes me feel good and allows me to better enjoy my life. Whether there’s a science to it, or it’s a belief working its magic, I really don’t care. If something works, if it does the job it’s intended to do, then great. Don’t question it, and don’t listen to anybody else who questions it.

So long as you are healthy and happy, and kind to yourself and others, you should be able to live however you want. Find what works for you and make no apologies for it.

Just show up and start.

I apply this one to writing, or anything I want to do in life. In the case of writing, we may not always feel like putting words on the page, or know where to start, but if we just show up, if we make the time and (just a little bit more) effort, we end up doing the work. Baby steps towards a goal are much more satisfying than never getting started, and divine inspiration typically comes when we consistently sit down to receive it. Otherwise the ideas will come when you’re in the shower and you’ll go, oh that’s good, but unless you get out of the shower and write it down, you’ll forget it.

So don’t force it, but don’t be naive on purpose, either. If you never write the book you will never write the book. If you never cook the food you will never eat the meal. If you never feel good you will never feel good. Practice, practice, practice what it is you want, and little by little, you’ll build toward it as quickly as you will allow it to become reality. 

Show up for the things you want in life. It takes effort, but it only takes a little more effort.

Imagine if your favorite artists never had the courage to share their art…

More of a reminder than a motto, the message is still important:


Don’t give up on yourself.

You never know who you were meant to inspire.

And always remember, you are loved,