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Manda Reviews: Athletic Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Have a pint!

My newest obsession came as a bit of a shock to me, but I can now say that I absolutely love non-alcoholic beer. Specifically, Athletic Brewing Company’s non-alcoholic beer, as I’ve had a few other kinds that just missed the mark.

As someone who got her college buzz from Bud Lights and later grew to appreciate the subtle art of craft brewing, I wasn’t sure I needed any more beer after I (mostly) quit drinking alcohol last year. However, these beautiful beverages have totally won me over and I couldn’t help sharing them with you.

Scroll below to read more information on each one. They are in order of each tasting along with the video, then I’ve ranked them for comparison at the bottom of the post. Also, in case you missed the disclaimer, the links below are of the affiliate variety, which means if you use them you are helping to support Manda, the Muse. So thank you kindly for using these affiliate links to purchase delicious non-alcoholic beer and keep this site up and running. We appreciate you. Now for the beers!


This ruby rebel has a ton of flavor, being one of the more flavorful beers in the ABC bunch. Its color a deep, almost-golden amber, the taste of this brew reminded me of a lighter Guinness. While it’s not my favorite of the bunch, since I’m not a consistent red-beer fan, I will say it is delicious in its own rank.

Athletic Brewing Co. Irish Red

CALORIES: 70 | ALCOHOL: < 0.5%


This impeccable IPA is simply delicious and surely should impress any non-alcoholic-beer skeptic. One of the stronger flavored beers in the ABC bunch, this golden-brown red IPA is, to me, the best representation of the company’s talent in brewing.

Athletic Brewing Co. Sunset Stoke

CALORIES: 85 | ALCOHOL: < 0.5%


Admittedly my least-favorite of the ABC bunch, this light copper is most reminiscent of an Old English malt liquor “forty.” When I think of a “beer,” like that generic, Bud in a can in a garage circa 1979, I think this is the closest to that concept. A little bitter, a little mineral-y, a little elusive, a lot of lingering.

Athletic Brewing Co. Cerveza Atletica

CALORIES: 60 | ALCOHOL: < 0.5%


Your best bet for brunch, this fruity sour boasts berry both in color and taste. While my sour-obsessed self wishes it were a tad tarter, this frothy brew finds that sweet spot sure to please both sides of the sour aisle. Crafted in collaboration with Black artists and tastemakers, 100% of this fruit-forward find’s profits will be distributed between Beer Kulture, the Sacred Heart University Brewers Scholarship Fund, and other Impact programs to help break down barriers in the industry.

Athletic Brewing Co. Soul Sour

CALORIES: 80 | ALCOHOL: < 0.5%


The subtle creeper of the ABC bunch, this hoppy helles’ taste totally won me over more and more with each sip. While it may not be my absolute favorite, this summer-straw colored brew is perfect for sipping or gulping on a hot summer day.

Athletic Brewing Co. Trailblazer

CALORIES: 55 | ALCOHOL: < 0.5%


When they say extra dark, they mean extra dark with this delicious brew that I continue to refer to as a coffee stout. Most definitely the heaviest of the bunch, this ultra-dark beer is where soda meets cold brew in a refreshingly festive bouquet that lingers long after your last sip.

Athletic Brewing Co. All Out

CALORIES: 90 | ALCOHOL: < 0.5%


One of the more drinkable beers of the ABC bunch, this lightly hazy IPA envelopes your tongue in a velvety, citrusy bath of refreshment. It almost reminds me of a summer hefeweizen, if that hefeweizen was an IPA. It’s definitely distinct if you’re worried it’ll be too similar to others.

Athletic Brewing Co. Free Wave

CALORIES: 70 | ALCOHOL: < 0.5%


Another of the more drinkable beers of the ABC bunch, this classic IPA is perfect for when you just want a beer. A little hoppy, a little bitter, a little apricot-y. If you’re looking for a solid introduction to the world of non-alcoholic beers, this is the one to start with.

Athletic Brewing Co. Run Wild

CALORIES: 65 | ALCOHOL: < 0.5%


The lightest of their main beers, this arguably has the least flavor of the ABC bunch that I’ve tried, but it’s still really good. The flavor is subtle and refreshing, and I find it to be the most thirst-quenching of them all. Paired with pizza, it’s perfection.

Athletic Brewing Co. Upside Dawn

CALORIES: 45 – 50 | ALCOHOL: < 0.5%

If you’ve been on the fence about trying non-alcoholic beer, or you never thought it would be something for you, I highly suggest you try it out and decide for yourself. We’ve come a long way from O’Douls, and I am over-the-moon impressed with what Athletic Brewing Company’s been able to achieve in the world of non-alcoholic beer.

So give it a try! And let me know what you think in the comments.

Happy drinking,

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