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Manda, the Muse. Presents Honeymoon Harlow Original Song Subliminals 💿 

🧞‍♂️ Self-Actualization Subliminal to Know and Manifest All that You Desire & Require 🧞‍♂️

This 𝙴𝚅𝙴𝚁𝚈𝚃𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝚈𝙾𝚄 𝚆𝙰𝙽𝚃 subliminal audio track consists of channeled singing bundled and layered with subliminal affirmations. Allow your subconscious mind to confidently follow along while you meditate to the repetitive vocals and steady music.

𝐈𝐦𝐛𝐮𝐞𝐝 𝐁𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐟𝐢𝐭𝐬: 

  • Know exactly what you want and why you want it
  • Think new thoughts every day and think the necessary thoughts required to create the life you wish to experience easily, effortlessly, and automatically
  • Repeat only the greatest thoughts that align with your highest desires 
  • Be good at making decisions and make all the right decisions 
  • Trust that if you don’t know/aren’t sure about something that it’s not time to decide yet/a better option is on the way 
  • Ignore/reject everything that does not align with what you want 
  • Manifest anything and everything easily (only good things)
  • Rely only on yourself for your validation or to feel good 
  • Never react to negativity in the 3D or let it get you you down or doubting 
  • Remain consistent in your beliefs and affirmations
  • Think and behave as if you already have everything you want, knowing that is the only truth
  • Stand firm in your decisions and unwaveringly proceed consistently 
  • Never give your power to something outside of you
  • Trust the universe to provide all that you desire and require 
  • Put only yourself on the pedestal 
  • Know that you are the creator of your reality 
  • Trustfully let go of your desires with full confidence that they will materialize in the safest and most fun ways possible 
  • Remove any limits to what you are capable of manifesting, for the good of all and harm to none 
  • Quit playing it small when it comes to manifestation and go for that which you truly desire, no plan B/backup plans 
  • Always ask yourself: in a world full of infinite possibilities, is this truly what you desire?
  • See your affirmations and desires as facts 
  • Manifest only good things for yourself, others, and the world 
  • Never “try” to get what you want and only exist in the state of having what you want 
  • Know you can revamp your entire life/self-concept at any time/place
  • Completely let go of the old stories you’ve been carrying and telling yourself 
  • Feel inspired by others’ success stories 
  • Affirm once and know that your subconscious/the Universe is on it 
  • Rely on yourself and your unique intuitive synchronicity for confirmation 
  • Cultivate and persist the perfectly aligned mindset at all times 
  • Have your ideal body, face, voice, talents, skills, possessions, friends, relationships, jobs, hobbies, rituals, routines, opportunities, etc. (everything)
  • Inherently know that you (and everyone) deserve the absolute best in life 
  • Have all the cheat codes to life 
  • Obliterate any energetic blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Understand that life is (and meant to be) easy and fun 
  • Practice manifestation methods that are fun for you and aligned with your present moment only, and/or use no methods if you choose 
  • Have a closet/wardrobe full of every item you’ve ever loved or wanted and everything fits perfectly, wears comfortably, and looks phenomenal at all times 
  • Get paid to exist and always have more than enough money in the bank/cash in your wallet 
  • Understand that nothing you do, say, think, or feel can f*ck up your manifestations 
  • Obliterate any concept of delay or waiting while being fully able to manifest date-specific events (like birthday/holiday celebrations, etc.) 
  • Think positively and in your favor at all times 
  • Saturate your mind with things you want/desire only 
  • Obliterate doubts and fears 
  • Never ever ever ever ever manifest harm toward yourself or others 
  • Believe and trust that results can manifest instantly, safely and easily 
  • Never identify with undesirable circumstances still presenting from past thoughts/manifestations 
  • Know that you can and will have anything and everything you want so long as you are not ever wishing harm or ill-will on or towards anyone or anything 
  • Trust that everything you are “doing” is working and that the universe is always working behind the scenes in your favor
  • Have unwavering faith in yourself and your desires coming to fruition 
  • Live in your imagination whenever necessary and let go of the “how” in the meantime 
  • Instantly and naturally reverse/reshape/revise any lingering negative or doubting thoughts 
  • Revise any past “mistakes” or unfavorable circumstances and let go of that no-longer-true noise
  • See signs that your manifestations are coming/are here and trust that there is movement regardless of what you see in front of you
  • Switch states and get into the zone of creation at will 
  • Feel comfortable and confident acting-as-if before your inner reality is seen by others on the outside 
  • Never ever ever ever ever abuse your power(s) 
  • Treat yourself and all those in your reality with kindness and respect 
  • Never settle for “almost” or “sort of” 
  • Manifest jobs/opportunities without having to apply/ask
  • Manifest money without having to work for it/beg
  • Manifest love without having to go on a hundred dates or join tens of dating apps 
  • Know that it is law that you receive all that you are persisting to have 
  • Know that everything you are doing is right
  • Meditate/visualize/focus on your desires easily/for fun/as you choose 
  • Exist fully in—and thoroughly enjoy—the present moment 
  • Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling as part of the process and beauty of life 
  • Be financially and energetically free 
  • Be easy and never give up on yourself and your goals 
  • Get better at manifesting and all that you do every day 
  • Trust that your subconscious believes in, loves, and is working for you 
  • Alter your life/self-concept for the better to adjust your reality/outer world in your favor 
  • Cultivate satisfaction with ease and joy every day 
  • Never try to change the 3D/outside circumstances and always play from the “inside out”
  • Never ever ever ever ever complain 
  • Know that you are worthy of love and that abundance is your birthright 
  • Walk by faith 
  • Never waver, and/or if for some reason you do it only speeds up your manifestation 
  • Forgive yourself and give yourself a rest day any time you waver or doubt as you build your manifestation muscles 
  • Understand that everyone loves you and that all you desire is desiring you even more 
  • Allow persisting and manifesting to be easy 
  • Take your power seriously while simultaneously having fun with it 
  • Engage your subconscious mind when going to sleep/waking up 
  • Stop looking for results and instead know they are there 
  • Love yourself completely and develop an amazing self-concept 
  • If you so choose and it is helpful, finally do the shadow work you have been avoiding and/or affirm that the shadow work has been done and move forward confidently manifesting all that you desire and require 
  • Understand that large manifestations are just as easy as small ones, a million dollars just as possible as a penny 
  • Know that everything is working 
  • Hold the assumption no matter what you think, see, or feel to the “contrary”
  • Manifest dates, events, opportunities, interviews, auditions, jobs, etc. without lifting a finger 
  • Wake up every day in your desired reality 
  • Do things you love and that make you feel fabulous every day 
  • Understand that you are always successful 
  • Understand that you have all your desires fulfilled now
  • Let go of any excuses as to why what you want “isn’t here yet” and trust that it’s all here now 
  • Exhibit unyielding determination with ease and joy 
  • Apply magical properties to everyday objects and activities, so (for example) every time you use your favorite shampoo your hair grows, every time you drink water you get more beautiful, chocolate makes your wishes come true, naps speed up results, etc. 
  • Always remember that if you want something it is meant to be yours 
  • Obliterate resistance 
  • Make your own creative rules for manifesting 
  • Identify as who you want and choose to be only 
  • Raise your standards and accept only the best 
  • Assume that you manifest instantly and persist in that assumption 
  • Know that 8 billion people will move for you if necessary 
  • Live your life to the fullest in each and every present moment 
  • Know that you are doing everything right and always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing 
  • Absolutely love being you and be so grateful to be you 
  • Imagine/visualize your desires for the sake of experiencing them now 
  • Manifest your reality regardless of societal insistences or perpetuated global beliefs to the contrary 
  • If you say something is good for you, it’s good for you 
  • Believe you are meant to win and assume you are winning while enjoying the process
  • Always use present tense instead of putting your desires out in the future (I am vs I will) 
  • Other people are powerless when it comes to your manifestations, no one has the power to sabotage your creations
  • Manifest the best for yourself without knowing or specifying all the details 
  • Know that anything is possible 
  • Understand that what you seek is seeking you 
  • Know that only the thoughts/ideas/scenarios you like are real, and all others are nonsense completely disregarded by your subconscious and the universe 
  • Trust that you have everything you want and move from present moment to present moment intuitively while acting on divine inspiration and taking inspired action
  • Be open to receiving all that you desire and require in the best, safest, most fun ways with ease and joy
  • Trust that everything’s working out better than you can even imagine
  • Always get what you want 
  • Trust and see evidence that everything is always working out for you 
  • Affirm to remind yourself that your desires are already yours
  • Be persistent and consistent
  • Be the main character of your life 
  • Exist in the state of the wish-fulfilled 
  • Be surrounded by that which brings you joy, satisfaction, and other fantastic feelings, emotions, and states
  • Think only of what you want and let go of the rest
  • Embody the ideal version of yourself that has everything you want
  • All negative thoughts are transmuted and deleted instantly
  • All negative words you speak, accidental or intentional, are transmuted instantly
  • Be in alignment with your favorite/best self and therefore navigate through inspired action to the achievement of your highest goals
  • Give yourself permission to receive everything you’ve ever wanted
  • Assume the best always
  • Choose to create and receive your own happiness
  • Be grateful for everything you have
  • Manifestations come to you in the greatest ways possible
  • Receive unexpected blessings all the time
  • Trust that you can say no to what you don’t want, knowing and trusting fully that what you do want is on its way and there for you in the aligned now
  • Trust that when things don’t go your way or as planned or expected that it is for your highest and greatest good
  • Trust when you don’t get what you want it is because you are receiving something even better than you imagined

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