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Creative Force - Guided Music Meditation

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Manda, the Muse. Presents Guided Music Meditations┬á­čĺ┐┬á

Connecting to Your Higher Source & Integrating Intuitive Imagination for Creativity

Are you feeling blocked creatively? Experiencing writer's block? Is there a talent or skill you always wished you had, or used to do and feel disconnected from now? Are you wondering what creative ideas lie dormant within you, or just beyond the comfort-zone of your day-to-day imagination?

This CREATIVE FORCE Guided Music Meditation is designed to connect you to your highest source of inspiration and integrate your intuitive imagination. Step into the zone, harness the creative flow state, and call all your creative power and energy to you now with ten minutes of musical meditation. You never know what masterpieces await on the other side of creative doubt.

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­čÜź┬áDo NOT drive or operate machinery while listening┬áto this or any other meditation tracks. Sit or lie down, or you may dance, as dancing is very good for you and a superb form of meditation. This audio track is for entertainment, educational, and/or meditative purposes and is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose, nor is it intended or implied to be a substitute for medical, psychological, or any other professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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No part of this audio recording may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means.

Listen as needed.┬áHeadphones ­čÄž recommended.

Runtime: 10:04 minutes

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