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Art is a way of life and a way of healing.

Manda, the Muse.

Inspiration is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Manda, the Muse.

Imagination is the landscape where both meet.

Manda, the Muse.

Intuition is how you get there.

Manda, the Muse.

"Thank you my angel!!!"

"I have done multiple readings with Amanda and have always left feeling at ease having received the answers which have given me clarity on my path. I have sent many of my friends to Amanda and she has really helped them with clear guidance with their lives. Amanda is the first person I have felt comfortable with and can trust. She has helped me move forward from fears and blocks. Her meditations have had a huge impact on me as well. I am so grateful to have found her. Thank you my angel!!!"

Actress | Los Angeles, CA

How does the muse move you?

Nothing instantly shifts us like music. Harness that power with the intention of energy clearing and the affirmation of magical manifesting. These meditation tracks are designed by channeling source energy through intuitive singing, while building the blueprint for a better life through universal imagination and storytelling.

About Manda, the Muse.

Manda, the Muse, is an artist, writer, and intuitive inspirational consultant on a mission to create positive, uplifting, and inspiring media content and products. Through her work, she has helped many to discover their creative and artistic connections to source, strengthen their intuitive understanding, and design their own personal definition of post-traumatic living.